Our Products

HYZ Ventures is having a wide range of IT Products. To know more about out Portfolio other than the products and services, please visit our Portfolio Section ...

Flagship Projects

Besides our Various Products and Services, we have the following Flagship IT Project, which is highly Customisable with minimal effort.


Globalizing your local Market.


Book A pooja

Book Pooja in any Temples around the globe


Mymahalonline . Com

The complete Mahal Management Application suitable for any type of Mahal

Scanme logo with url

Scan Me Who I am

A highly Customisable Interactive QR Code Generating Application for your various needs



Hosticops is a concept by State Agri Horti Society with Accreditation from Government of Kerala


HYZ Library

The complete and unique Library Management System for Schools, Colleges and Other Educational Institutions

Our Products are

Highly Customisable

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Excellent After Sales

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User Friendly Apps

However, the best reason of all is the opportunity to connect with other. With over 160 members in our club

Service and Support

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Easy To Use

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